Saturday, 11 June 2011

Back to Reality

Well, our holiday is over and we are now back in reality land. We had a very peaceful time away. I managed to read three books, we took drives out and about to see what was around the next corner. Visited some nice restaurants for coffee, or our dinner at night. And watched the tide come and go on the canal behind us, and
the sunsets fall into the bay at night at the front of the cottage. We saw many birds while we sat on the patio sipping our coffees. Cranes, crows and unknown varieties, including a hummingbird. Here are a few pictures of our crow friends that I managed to take through the window, until my movement scared them away.
And one of our little unknown varieties that were in abundance, flitting the skies for insects. Pretty little things, they are.
Back to reality ---- well that is a different story for tomorrow and some more photos
of our journey.

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