Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mundane routine

A week has escaped and I haven't posted anything. There wasn't anything noteworthy to report on. Just one of those mundane, day by day routines like everyone elses.
Not worthy of mentioning or boring people with details. I can't even offer new household tips to you. About as much as I have learned about myself this week, is that I am no longer able to weed ground level gardens and any future gardening fun will have to be done in raised container gardens. Be it flowers or veggies. My poor old knees and back can't take the pressure of bending or standing for any length of time. Notice I said old knees and back. I certainly do not feel old in my thoughts and deeds. But my body sure is. Oh to be one of those seniors who still
jog around the sea wall and have the energy of a child. It must be nice. Genetics must play a big part in it. Although I come from strong, English stock, known for their walking abilities. But I must be a throwback to those few weak links in the family. Oh well, like I said, my mind is still young. And with that I will close off
my seemingly mundane chatter, until next time, when hopefully I will have something useful to speak about. Happy Father's Day out there.

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