Thursday, 5 May 2011

Glory in the grass...

To add insult to injury, after having all our lawn equipment taken last week, another piled on top of it all. While the sun shone today in its glory, the garden was ablaze in yellow splendor. Except it was an addition that gardeners always cringe when they see it. The dandelion. Although, quite pretty, it seems winter was hiding these little clumped beauties until some rain and sunshine created the right combination and they came forth in an army of colour. Without a lawn mower, I
think we are going to have an abundance of these little critters. And once they become fluff balls, the dog is going to be in her glory. Combine the wind, and a
slightly off centre animal, who finds leaves, bubbles, and dandelion fluffs the highlight of her day, we are in trouble. She is a cocker spaniel with floppy ears.
Have you ever seen a cocker's ears when they chase "fluffs" or flying leaves. They look like a Swifter Mop after it has gone under furniture and found the dust bunnies!
Oh happy day she says. I'll have a new card for you tomorrow. Good night.

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