Saturday, 12 March 2011

New Header

It is time for a change. A new beginning to a new season. The clock spirts ahead tonight to spring time, so I have attempted a new blog header to bring in the spring.
Fresh, simple and peaceful with a promise of things to come. I am making a new change to me, having lost 17 lbs so far this year and continuing on to a new and healthier me. Here's with deep hope that our world can settle down without further
catastrophies and that we can all see the light and each work our own magic to make this world a better place and remain hopeful for a better future.


Tracy.H said...

Love the new header! :0)

Cyndi said...

Very well said, Norma! A big congrats on losing 17 pounds...that's fantastic. I'm trying, but haven't lost much yet. My bum knee has a lot to do with that, I think. I LOVE your new's just delightful. I've been trying to freshen up my blog, too. I do have the new header up, but am waiting for the lady that is designing my background to get back from a 10-day trip to Paris to finish it up!

Norma, my computer crashed a while back and I lost your e-mail address. Could you e-mail me and give it to me again?

Have a beautiful day, my friend!



June Bourgo said...

Love the new header. Your thoughts convey so many of ours, I'm sure.

June Bourgo said...

Love the new header and your thoughts speak for so many of us, I'm sure.

Kimmie said...

Hi Norma! I got your comment from yesterday and mistook you for someone else! The fact is I haven't been by for a long time! I am so happy to reconnect though! I love having fellow bloggers on the same coastline as me ..... and nearly the same latitude. We can talk about art AND the weather :)

thanks for dropping by .... I know we'll "see" each other more often now! congratulations on the weight loss - good for you! I know how hard that is!