Monday, 14 March 2011

Hugs and Kisses

Eleven years ago, I witnessed the birth of my first grandchild. In fact, my daughter had a lady doctor during the delivery and she demanded that I be up front
and center with her, to greet her in style and wish her Happy Birthday. Today, that
beautiful baby has turned eleven. She is changing in herself and shows little inklings of a pre-teen person. Slender, dark hair, blue eyed beauty. I call her my Snow White, as she has the fair skin, pink cheeks, blue eyes and gorgeous brunette hair and to top it all she has the natural pink lips requiring nothing but lip gloss.
She went to see Justin Biebers movie two weeks ago, and I think she has her first crush too. She is a cuddler and even now, will run across the room and sit in your
lap and snuggle for a few minutes and then as fast as she was there, she is gone again. She can do that for as long as she wants, says this proud Nana. Tonight we
go upstairs and enjoy a piece of her birthday cake, and give her some gifts. And like all grandparents, when WE have had enough, we can slink back downstairs to our
domain and leave the girls to their mother and dad. LOL. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Hugs and kisses from Nana and Papa.

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