Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Healthy Issues

Well, I'm pleased with myself. I visited my doctor today, just for some results of
routine blood work and it seems that losing even 16 pounds in weight, has made a difference in my blood level. It isn't quite at the optimum, but definitely a nice
drop in the right direction and he is pleased with that. And I also had quite a drop
in my blood pressure which he was surprised at. If it keeps up this way, he will consider dropping my medication from me. So those are positive signs of good eating.
But and there has to be a but, I have done something to my arm and I can't lift it
without some help from the other and it is so painful. I seem to have done some damage to the rotator cuff in my shoulder. So I will be off to a sports and massage therapist next Monday to see if she can help get it on its way back to health again.
I have no idea how I did it. Just one of those crazy things, I guess. It's time to
get back to crafting again after an absence. It sure is hard to pick up again after
a lay off of creativity. Have a nice evening and I'll be back again.

1 comment:

Tracy.H said...

Glad to hear that the health is making a good turn. Take care of that shoulder. :0)