Sunday, 27 February 2011


February 27, 2011: Sometime during the night when heads lay on their pillows, and hopefully sweet dreams were being played out deep within slumber, snow crept in on cat's paws and left gardens and paths hiding under its blanket. The crocus and daffodils just emerging from their hibernation have been tucked back into their beds
and told to stay there, like naughty children, who tried to sneak out of the house
and were caught!

Can you believe this crazy weather system we are having? The cherry blossoms are in
bloom closer to downtown, where they are protected from the cold by their tall building friends. I went out early this morning (real early and in my nightclothes)
to take this shot of the stairs leading to our upper deck. It says it all, doesn't it?
We lucked out here at the house and only got half of what they predicted, but as pretty as it looks, it means one day on hold for going out and doing things we had planned. Our streets are not cleared, so living on a hill presents its challenge.
No, my plans can wait for another day. That's the perks of being retired. Procrastination becomes a viable word in my dictionary. LOL

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