Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Sunshine wins

So sunshine won and the snow is gone - for now. And the daffodils are continuing their climb to the sun. We seem to be in a trough right now with all kinds of weather systems circling us. Which one will be next? But we still have sunshine. Yay! I am still struggling to lose the grip of this cold. At least I am not coughing all night long and I'm getting some decent sleep. Hubby is going out for a couple of hours soon, so I am going to be crafting for a while. I don't know where this month has gone, but March and some deadlines are approaching quickly, so I have
to get moving. Nothing really special going on this week. The family dog has gone in for grooming. She is a cocker spaniel so she looks so cute when she has her hair cut. Otherwise she is a curly bear and the hair on her head becomes curly and tall.
She has to have a close cut this time because she had surgery on her leg four weeks
ago and she looks funny with curly hair and one leg shaved down to her ankle with
a puff of hair like a poodle. She is getting better but has to be leashed for three
more months to prevent her running and tearing the ligaments again. I don't know how that will work out, because she is a runner and can outrun a racehorse I think. LOL. Ah it's my time, hubby just left so to work I go. Til next time.

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