Monday, 21 February 2011


SNOW SHOWERS! Ah, come on. It turned colder over the last couple of days and they did warn us that we could get some white stuff, and just before dark, hubby said hey
look outside. And the grass was white! I don't know whether we will get more or not, as it creeps in silent and ghostly. So winter isn't quite over for the West Coast. But better a sprinkle on the grass than the blizards and white-outs they are
having on the other side of the country. They must wonder what they did wrong this year, to be punished so harshly by Mother Nature. Wondering what the post is in the photo? We live downstairs on the ground level of our home, while daughter lives upstairs, so we look out on the back garden. Meanwhile, back to the post,it holds
up the deck above us that the family uses upstairs. We have a cement patio down
underneath it. We didn't get too much of a chance to use it last summer as we had
a lot of rain and I had to keep taking in the chair cushions so that they didn't get
soaked and then ruin. I finally gave up and we only took them out when we needed them and put them back at night. I'm hoping we will get more use of the patio this
year. Here's hoping.

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