Sunday, 14 November 2010

To be or Not to be...

Recently our Province's Premier tendered his resignation from the party, so we will be facing a new convention for a replacement for him. For the most part, we feel that his time has come and it is in the best interests of the population that he step down. He is not very popular through his decisions for the province or his way of handling important issues and at present we are fighting his decision on our part,
for a substantial tax on commodities. He keeps saying there isn't a significant difference, but he lives in a dream world. Our pleasure during the month is to go out for dinner at a local restaurant. We don't drink, so we have the basic meal and
dessert and coffee, and with a tip it comes to $32.00. But since the tax came in, we
are paying $42.00 for a less expensive choice and upwards to $50. Needless to say on
a pension, we are not going out like we use to. So now they must choose a new leader
of the party, and it was suggested that Dianne Watts step in to vie for the position.
Dianne Watts is our mayor of our city and she has been doing an excellent job. She is
a no nonsense girl and does not have her head in the clouds. So as much as it might be nice to see her run the province, she chose tonight on the news to say that she is not running for the position, as she still has too many things to do for our city,
and of course, as in any political position, she is worried about the impact on her
family. As much as I dislike our present premier, I must say that his family has been through a lot because of his professional views. I hope we can find someone like Dianne Watts to step up to the plate, but I am equally glad that Dianne is remaining loyal to our city.

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