Friday, 19 November 2010

Thru the looking glass...

We woke up to the first smattering of snow today. Not a lot to brag about, but enough to raise the red flag on what is predicted to come. I took this photo through the sidelight window at my front door, looking out into the garden. I chose the center panel with the star to see what it would look like. That's about as creative as you can get when your eyes have just opened from sleep. LOL. I am busy working on my Christmas cards and I only have just over a week to get them all done and ready for the mail. I also have to write my Christmas letter that I do each year, so I won't be posting for this next little while. And if we get the snow that they are predicting, it is a guarantee that no one will be moving outside of their homes. At least not in this area with its hills. We become prisoners of millions of snowflakes but there is a ray of hope. They have the main road closed beside us,
because they are widening it, so they will have to plow the roads as we are the feeder streets to move around the closure. Yay, a ray of hope. Take care everyone.

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