Friday, 19 November 2010

Charlee is my darlin'...

This is Charlee. And contrary to everyone's belief SHE is all girl. Notice the double "E" in her name. She is pure Diva through and through. She sits in front of you and gently paws your foot or leg to get your attention and then you, being the trained one here, ask a series of questions of what do you want, until her face and eyes give you the answer. Or if she is feeling frisky, she will suddenly jump up and
run around the coffee table with joy and land at your feet in utter excitement and a
tail that spins like a propeller, because you gave her the correct answer. If she is
hungry, and you ask the question, she will look up at you with her deep brown eyes,
and lick her lips to indicate her needs. Now is she trained or are we the ones who
follow directions? Her one issue is her fear of new things or sounds. If she doesn't know what something is, she approaches it close to the ground, edging closer and closer until she can sniff it, but if it moves, get out of the way, because she is off and running to the opposite side of the house. And at Halloween, she becomes a fixture on your ankle. She is petrified of the fireworks. So we gave her Gravol on the advice of our Vet and she was more calm and able to tolerate the "pops" without the paralysing panic in her body. She is part of the family so we love her


Heather said...

What a darling! I love her name :)

Cyndi said...

Charlee is beautiful, Norma! Is she a Cocker Spaniel or a Cockapoo? Her antics remind me of how Noah acts...he does the same thing about asking questions until you get to the correct one! He is also very leery of something new. Whenever we bring something new into the house - and it could be something as simple as a lamp - he barks at it and runs to the other side of the room and growls. He will eventually "sneak" up on it and sniff it, and then he's okay. But he once barked at a lantern for 2 weeks before he realized that it wasn't something that was going to "get" him! :o)