Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I got a good job finished and sent on its way. All my Christmas cards are in the mail before Dec. 1st. I try to make the first of the month my deadline so that any
overseas cards will find their way to their destination in time. I have cut down on my list from years past but I still have at least 30 cards to make and address, so it
takes some time for that. Next job is to put up the tree, out of its box. The lights are already on it, so I just have to decorate it. No more real trees for me,
even though I love the smell of fresh cut fir. They are too heavy to handle now, and
getting rid of them is an even messier job for indoors, outdoors, and inside the van.
But we decorate our living room on every wall and over the doors and on the mantle of
the fireplace, so it looks festive during this month. I was looking at my list for the naughty and nice and I have just a couple more gifts to find and I will be finished the shopping part of my journey. I have a wish list too, but Santa wuold have to have a very big sleigh or a trailer following behind. I would love new living room furniture, and a new camera instead of my little Kodak EasyShare. I
would love one with continuous action, especially when you are trying to capture kids, or the dog. They never co-operate when the camera comes out. Wishful dreaming, I guess. I will have to put my pennies into a jar and maybe by next year
I will have enough to slip to my santa, so he can "surprise" me. Ah well, time to get on with my day. They never stop, do they?

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Cyndi said...

Good for you, getting all of your cards out already. I haven't even thought about it yet! :o( And keep that list handy, you never know when "Santa" will surprise you! :o)



P.S. How is your mom?