Friday, 26 November 2010


Oh my goodness, when I hear that telephone ring early in the morning, I wonder who it is and what they want and what has happened to mum now. Well yesterday morning I got one of those calls, and it woke me up. So in my sleepy stupor, I hear that my mother has taken another fall at the seniors home, and this time she has done some major damage. She has broken her wrist. So on the snowiest, most blizzard like day,
we found ourselves sitting in the hospital, waiting hours for her turn to be looked at by doctors. She definitely broke her arm, but she was out cold from the meds they gave her, so we decided that it was more productive for us to try and get home in all the snow coming down and also beat some of the home-bound traffic. (Less cars
to hit on the slippery roads). But we made it home in good time. She was finally
brought back to the home around supper hour and we kept in touch by phone. But today
after a night of rain on top of the snow, the roads were clear, so I planned to spend the afternooon with her. However, I spent just over an hour, watching TV while
she slept the time away. I spoke with her nurses at the home and they planned to look after her and let her know that I had gone home. It was quite the shock to her
system and sleep is probably the best medicine at this point of time. The pressure
is off from her care here at home, but the worry still remains with us.

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Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Glad she's sleeping and that your drives have been safe. There's always so much to be thankful for. Prayers!