Wednesday, 6 October 2010

A bit of paradise

Isn't this pretty? This was our mini-holiday place this week and the weather cooperated in the best way. Warm and sunny. We were able to sit on the beach and
watch those more adventurous and able to walk around the lake wall. It was beautiful. We watched the boats on the lake, and a sea plane come in and land and come up to the dock close to us. Then we hopped into our vehicle and took a ride
around part of the lake before we decided to come back for supper at the Pub. Really
good food and a lovely atmosphere. It was a log built structure, so had all the wood
features inside with a beautiful bar made from tree burls, as its countertop. We decided to go thrifty for breakfast, only to wake up and find our milk had frozen in
the little minifridge in our room. So we went to a little homestyle cafe, and had a
wonderful breakfast there for a very reasonable price. Then it was away for home,
to pick up our grand-dtrs from school, as mum and dad took a day out for themselves,
and would not have made it home in time. Now we are sitting here relaxing in our home, to the quiet of it all. The girls are at their soccer practice and the dog is
snoozing, make that snoring at our feet. Tomorrow begins another day and back into
the routine of visiting the hospital to see my mother. She is so very confused right
now and is getting anxious and almost to the point of being combative. There are still so many questions and no answers. Very frustrating, all around.


Tracy.H said...

Glad to hear you had a nice mini holiday! :0)

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Oh my...absolutely gorgeous. We had rain, rain, rain most of the day in Oregon, but at the moment it's beautiful and sunny.