Sunday, 24 October 2010

Big Day coming...

Well, the long awaited day of plans coming together seems to be making its day on
Tuesday. Mum will be moving into a care facility and we are trying to make her room
comfortable and filled with her own memorabilia, so that the transition from hospital will be a pleasant one. We are hoping that the sterile environment she has been in for six weeks, will feel like a warm and friendly move for her into her own room and familiar items. She is balking a little, but that is only natural.
Unfortunately, she is where they deem necessary for her, so there is no turning back.
But she is very close to home, so we can pop down to see her for an hour or two or take her out for lunch or appointments. We decided to keep her original doctors rather than subject her to the home physicians. At this point she is capable of coming out of the home for day passes, so she won't be stuck all alone. If at some time it becomes necessary to use the care provided, then we will address it then. But there is a hairdresser there and she is quite excited to be able to get her hair done. (Me too, because I have been her hairdresser and my back is saying thank you)
Things are beginning to calm down at home, and the tension has lifted from everyone's shoulders. Visits with mum are enjoyable now and she seems far happier
with more people around her. Hopeful solution and happiness is what we hope to achieve. I am sorry but cards and scrapbooking have been out the window for the past six weeks. But one of these days I will get back on track. The mojo and creativity have not been there. My spare time has been spent in exhausted catnaps,
or plain passouts in my chair. LOL You don't get much done during those periods.


Tracy.H said...

So glad to hear that you have the help you need now. Just takes a bit of the pressure off of can enjoy your time with her a little more now. All the best!

Marilyn said...

Norma- Hope your mojo returns soon... I'm making a fabulous green christmas twinchie for you and wanted to learn a little more about you... Great Blog.