Wednesday, 1 September 2010

One more day to go...

Tomorrow is a big day for me, if I haven't mentioned it before. I go in for day
surgery on my eyes. It appears that hereditary traits were passed down to me from
my grandparents and I have an abundance of upper eyelid that needs to be looked at.
The problem being is that as a natural progression with age comes the usual loss of
muscle tone, all over your body, and so I also have more eyelid than I need. So
cosmetic surgery will be done tomorrow, but as a necessity procedure and not a vanity
one. I also had to wait on the government to decide that I was indeed a candidate for necessary intervention because it was affecting my vision levels. This will open
my eyes so that I have a clear vision field. So depending on how I age, it could be
a permanent thing or a ten year reprieve before needing to do more work. My brother
had the same surgery last year, and he said it made a world of difference. In his
case, the eyelids had drooped so much that his vision was cut in half. Perhaps after
I come through this, I can look into a mirror and not see a sad sack, hound-dog looking back at me. So I may not be around for a few days. Wish me luck.


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

Of of luck and some prayer too!

Cyndi said...

I am lifting you up, my friend! Hope all goes well and you are on the road to recovery and better sight soon! :o)