Monday, 2 August 2010

Making adventures

It's Monday morning. After all these years of working on a 5-day, nine to five schedule, I still see this as the first work day of the week. So you look at your calendar and see what the plans are for this coming week. Shopping, doctors, hair
appointments or a free day to go out and explore our surroundings and have lunch out,
or make up a picnic lunch. I am a caregiver, so a lot of my time goes to making sure that my mother is fine and settled and she has what she needs for her day. She has someone to come in and visit, and take her out of the house for a few hours a few times a week. That's when we escape to a few hours to ourselves. You are suppose to turn off your mind when you leave the house, but it is very difficult to do. And you know you have to go back at some point. Most of our time away is doing
the things you would normally do, like your groceries, or going to the post office, so we don't really do anything exciting. However, we are going to. My hubby's birthday is this week, and we are going out to lunch and then driving out of the city
to another town that has a wonderful Home style restaurant and they make fabulous
pies. So that will be his treat and a day away from the house. The drive is far but
the scenery is spectacular. Open fields, farmers land, grazing animals and into the
foothills of the mountains at our destination. How pretty it can be. I use to do a lot of photography and now I am down to a point and shoot camera, but perhaps I'll take it with me and we can stop and take photos, instead of just driving by. That's
our adventure of the week. I wonder what we can do next week?

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Cyndi said...

I know that being a care giver is a lot of hard work. I think that it is wonderful that you take care of your mother. So many people these days would just stick their loved ones into a nursing home and call it done! God bless you for doing what you think is right for your mom.

I hope that you and your hubby have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time out and being together doing something fun. And do take pictures...would love to see that beautiful scenery.

Happy birthday to your hubby, too!