Thursday, 5 August 2010

Seeking Hope

Yesterday, was my hubby's birthday. So we decided to take a day out and visit some
favourite restaurants as his birthday treat. We started out at the restaurant that my daughter works for and had a wonderful lunch cooked by a very talented chef,
Adrian. He and his wife Shannon, run this wonderful little retreat, along with a very successful catering service, that my daughter also works at, for weddings and
private functions.

After that lovely presentation, we got back in our vehicle and headed out for an hour's drive to a favourite restaurant, that we always stop at, when we head north and south in our vacation destination. This restaurant features humungous portions of food, so you can never have dessert, because you are literally stuffed to your eyes and couldn't manage another bite, if your life depended on it. So we got out on the highway, which boasts beautiful mountain sights, open land but as you can see
the mountains are obscured almost entirely by smog. Well that smog is really smoke,
from the mind-bending forest fires we are again experiencing this summer in our province. They are so bad, that we were also working through the smog right down on the coast where we live.
I have family living in the area of those fires. Their town isn't in danger at this point, but they can't see across the road at times from the haze. But breathing is very difficult and it doesn't make for a pleasant living, so they are coming down to the coast for a while
to escape the smoke.
We stopped on the way up at a place called Bridal Falls. It boasts a lovely water fall, but unfortunately it was a fifteen minute hike into the wooded area to get to it and walking is not an ideal sport for hubby and I with our hips and knees. So we
decided not to try making the trek in, even though we could hear the falls in the background. It's like having a piece of pie with whip cream and a cherry, and just as you reach for the cherry, it rolls down the opposite side of the cream and you can't reach it. But I took these lovely pictures of the woods instead. It was serene, and the birds were in there, chirping their songs.

This final photo of the woods surprised even me when I saw it at home. Look to the
right and something appears to be an eye looking at you. You can see it or not, but
I think it is a wood troll hiding under those limbs. What do you think? I loved this shot more than the others because of its hidden treasure.

I took one last picture of a house that sits across the road from our pie restaurant.
I have loved this gingerbread house for years. That is my dream house.
My last picture would have been the birthday pie that we sought out on our journey, but alas we had to enjoy it ourselves, because my camera's batteries decided to die!
August 4th, 2010 and that was the day it was.

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Posy Linda said...

Hi Norma: I just learned about DittyDots from Cyndi at BluebirdSwing. I'm glad I followed that link. You really have posted some lovely photos (especially the woods). Also, I loved that little clock (I would have bought that one too!). I will be pleased to visit you again.