Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Well, I keep trying to get organized, but my craft room looks like a bomb went off in
there. But one thing I have wanted to do for a while, is make an address book with
my swap buddies contact information. That way I am not having to constantly email
them for shipping information when required. So I altered a book I got from the dollar store. I was in a swap a few years ago and we decided to make ATC's with a
get to know you theme. So the pictures on the front cover are only a scattering of
the number of photos I received from fellow swappers. I didn't want a lot of accessories on it to get caught on things, so my one and only flower is the only
adornment. Oh, and the piece of ribbon down the side. I file by avatar name because that is the one you recognize them by first and then I have added their real names with their addresses. You'll remember their online name before you remember their real names. Well, I thought it sounded logical. And that's all for now, folks.


yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

Anonymous said...

Hey Norma..What an excellent idea. I keep a small book with that sort of thing in it too. Mostly swap hostesses and private trades but I can never remember which ATCs I have sent so they get listed too. I wish I could remember all that stuff but...oh well! I was looking at the cards from that swap just the other day. That was a good one.
Hang in there

Mrs Noofy