Monday, 21 June 2010

Another day.

Well, I haven't been productive in creating. But we finally got a couple of days of sunshine, so I took the energy from those and did some housework instead. The windows were opened all day for a nice fresh house airing and I puttered around getting things done. I still have a couple more things to do and the house is tidy
and can accept those unexpected drop-bys through the front door and I don't have to
sit mortified that my laundery baskets are sitting there, waiting to be dispursed to
their rightful home stations within the house. LOL. Really I don't worry about that
kind of thing. If you drop by unexpected, then you get what is there. It's called a home. My worst room of all, is my kitchen. I'm a procrastinator. I hate hand washing dishes and my dishwasher is on its way out the door, so I need to step up my
game and put the dishes into a sudsy sink right away. Nothing worse than cold, left over dishwater in the sink. Yuck! If I had a house with servants, the kitchen would be the first place I would have helpers. One to cook for me and one to wash up. Both of which I dislike intensely. Oh and grocery shopping. So my dream would
be to eliminate anything vaguely connected to that room. Aren't dreams fun?
I am involved in a few swaps over the summer months, and my hubby is getting back out into his workshop, so I will have some finishing jobs of his to do. And we have
the grd-dtrs out of school, so we will have some babysitting days ahead of us. But
they are six and ten, so they are not hard to please and they entertain themselves.
An easy babysit. That's about it for now. I'll be back again this week, so drop by
if you wish. And thanks for following my blog.

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Cyndi said...

I know exactly what you mean about not worry about the house. I used to be a cleaning fanatic - that's all I did! Then one day I just decided that life was too short to constantly worry about whether or not there was a spec of dust on my furniture! What a liberating feeling. I keep my house picked up, but I don't clean every day like I used to!

And the kitchen.... well, when my husband decided last year that he wanted to become a vegetarian, I told him that was fine but he would also be taking over the cooking duties! Good thing he loves to cook. Now I only cook for holidays, but I still have the job of doing the dishes every day!