Friday, 28 May 2010

Woodwork coming....

I have nothing new on my plate yet to show you. However, I will be busy soon
helping DH with some woodwork projects once again. He was finally able to find
someone, who is professional, to come in and set up his saw for him. It wasn't
cutting straight and now it appears to be in better running order, so it's onwards
and upwards. He has a contract to make some table toppers (which are open picture
frames) for restaurant food specials. It takes a lot of pieces and cutting and
glueing and colour varnishing, which is my job. So tomorrow we are going out to
get some wood to begin the process. I will be busy.
Putting my mum to bed at 10 pm each night seems to have helped to settle her down and also brighten her outlook on life. Mind you there are still the negative overtones to contend with, but it goes with the territory of dementia. And we have
someone coming in for an extra day with her, so it relieves me. We shall see how it
Off to bed now. Absolutely nothing on my plate for this weekend. Yay! Have a good one.

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