Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bookmark anyone!

Last night I said I would have a view of what I was working on this week and here it is. I am in a bookmark swap. I only have to make three and I will make them all the
same. As Vancouver is hosting the Olympics, I thought it appropriate that my bookmark should show something related. So the top is a view of some of our mountains with a ribbon breaking up the card. Below is a view of the cherry blossoms
blooming in the city, due to our silly unseasonable weather pattern. Along with them
are little views into what is going on this week. The torch runner, a ski and pole,
and a totem pole embracing our aboriginal culture. On the reverse the backing is made from a paint chip card, that was the essential element. I used gold paint to doodle and finish the back.


Anonymous said...

I like! Very appropriate for this week and very pretty. I always love your cards.


Lucy said...

Cute bookmark, love the spotty ribbon.Lucy x