Monday, 22 February 2010


Well, I'm back with my own Olympic hopeful. Here are a couple of pictures of my
6 year old grand-daughter. She went to a skating birthday party and this was her
first time on skates. The photos could be a bit fuzzy, because I cropped out the
other kids, rather than put them online without permission. She stepped out with
an ice skimmer, being a first time skater. Notice the floppy helmut. It looks like
someone forgot to strap her in, so a lot of good it would have done in a fall.
The next photo and the comments we received back were, she used the skimmer for a
while and then shoved it away and decided that skating on her own was the ticket.
Who knows, maybe we are looking at our next Olympic medalist of the future. I wish
I was a fly on the wall that day.

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