Monday, 6 July 2009

I'm not hiding

Hi there. I really am still around but my life has been one appointment after another this month and the balance of the month will be the same. Mostly geared for
my mother, with cataract surgeries, assessments and X-Rays for a baseline file of her
mental health as an aging senior. She is 87 next weekend. We have had a few problems, but none that have incapacitated her for a move to a care facility. But I
have requested a group for caregivers, to perhaps find some ways to aleviate the
stress of having her at home and dealing with her failing issues. So I have not been
a crafting fool for a while. I have some swaps to do this month and each day try to
get one done, closer to my goal and the mail deadline. I think I will drop any more
swaps after this until I can find time for myself. But I will pop in with some
news and photos, and cards and whatever I make to show you. So keep visiting. I
hope to be back on track after this month.
See this little photo. My daughter has challenged me to get a tattoo. Can you imagine? And this is the one I would choose. I love sunflowers and hummingbirds.
My grd-dtrs love the flower and on one of their announcements, I used a sunflower to
surround the baby photo. As for the little blue bird, it signifies my first grd-son,
who was stillborn, so it means a lot to me that he hovers over his two sisters. I
think I will keep the picture. The tattoo is optional.

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Tracy.H said...

Take care of yourself! And think about the tattoo...I personally don't have one, but I love them. :0)