Thursday, 2 July 2009

A Real Trooper

I am on my way to bed after a very traumatic day for me and especially for my 87 year old mother. We spent the day at the hospital, mainly because someone forgot to
phone us and let us know her appointment was moved up to a later one. And hubby had
already dropped us off and was on his way home. Hmmmm I guess that is when we need
a cell phone, but we don't have one, so there we sat. But she had cataract surgery
and she was extremely nervous about it. But she came through like a trooper and so
far has had a good day. However tonight will be the clincher, after I put a plastic
eye patch on her. She wasn't too keen about that. I hope it goes well for her,
because she has the other eye to be done on the 16th. I was exhausted because over
the previous three days, and through her nervousness, she put me through living hades. Cantankerous beyond imagination. But today, like an angel. My calendar is
filled with her dates for everything from eye doctors, assessment doctors, blood clinics. I think I'll take some extra multi-vitamins. LOL. The sandman has come
calling and my eyelids are drooping, so I'm off for another land. Oh blessed bed.

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