Sunday, 1 March 2009

A Heartwarming RAK

We finally returned home to a fresh start. New paint throughout the house, new carpets and lino. New beds and linens. It is so fresh. But the reason for my post today is to thank a lovely lady, Chrissie, who sent me this beautiful welcome home card. I was really touched. I knew it was from her by the cancel stamp on the envelope, but could not think of a reason for an unexpected card. It was an "awwwh"
moment, with the added comment of "how sweet of her". It made my day. Thank you
Chrissie for your thoughts and caring. You are a special SBS sister.


Marge said...

Glad everything is getting back to normal for you finally! Enjoy!!!

Kathy said...

How wonderful to be back in your own home! No place like it. Chrissie's card is gorgeous. Are we going to see pics of this "brand new" home? Sounds really nice.
SBS22 Kathy