Tuesday, 3 March 2009

How do I love thee....

Let me count the days! Has anyone else followed The Bachelor this time around?
Egads! He chooses Melissa over Molly as his fiancee with the big ring and everything, but before he does that, he sees Molly out to the limousine. He says goodbye, then returns to the outside balcony of the house, and bawls his face off. Um-m-m-m would that not seem over dramatic, if he were about to ask Melissa to marry him. Get over it. You can't have both girls. ----- Says who?! Three months after his proposal to Melissa, he goes on public TV and ditches her and in the next breath,
asks Molly, who they invited back for a re-union on the show, if she would give him
a second chance because he made a mistake in his choice. Well true love is blind,
but I would question him thoroughly before I decided to jump back in his arms. But
no Molly is all over him. I hope he doesn't change his mind again. How embarrassing.

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Diya said...

In love there should not be any choice,once dedided either its right or wrong we must accept our beloved once and live the life.I a person with this strong thought. So I din't like his attitude here taking secong chance as he made a mistake in his choice.I feel he is a real Idiot.