Monday, 23 February 2009

Certainly Not Perfect!

Well, here's a card I created in my workshop this weekend. I love the white and black elements of the card, even though my execution of the parts wasn't right on.
I cut four pieces of the black matting myself and used another one supplied to me.
(But I didn't measure the donated piece with my own and you can see what happened.)
My alignment is out of whack and my "friend" is a little tipsy. Do overlook the
malfunctions of my card and gaze on the subject matter. I love it. It is elegant
and pleasing to the eye. The scripting is from a wheel and then the white squares
were punch cut, trying for special words to appear within those squares. Imagine this
as well, with silver or gold embossing. Yummy.


TeresaW said...

This is really a lovely card. I think I would have used four squares, but it just goes to show that five is as good as four.

Corie said...

This is absolutely FANTASTIC

jan farnworth said...

very cute so great to see you back to creating.