Saturday, 3 January 2009

Put your ski's on Charlee!

I snapped this shot of our family cocker spaniel trapped on the upper deck. She wants to come downstairs in the worst way, but the snow is higher than she. I could
have tried to coax her and I think she would have tried but I didn't want her to hurt herself so I disappeared under the deck on the lower patio and came inside.
She loves the fresh snow when it is light and airy. She stuffs her nose into the
drifts and then breaks into a lamb jump all over the deck. She is hilarious. But
having curly hair she lands inside looking like a lamb. We have to towel dry her
before we let her loose in the house.
It snowed again last night. Just 2-3 inches this time, but it started up again this afternoon. Until the weather co-operates, we can't go ahead with repairs to the house as the movers can't get down the road to us. It has been almost two weeks since the pipe burst, and we have all been on good behaviour but I think it is still
a strain on everyone concerned. I hope we can settle this soon.


Kimmie said...

We had snow too - but only an inch and it's all melted now. The pineapple express is now headed our way - yow!!!

Chrissie said...

Happy New Year Norma.
I must say that you seem to be keeping your spirits up despite your problems.
Let's hope your house will be back to normal very soon!