Wednesday, 31 December 2008


The hours are counting down to a new year with promises of good and bad. Hopefully,
we will survive the bad times and have many good moments to look forward to and look
backward on.
I want to wish each and everyone who has continued to follow my blog, my thanks. It
has been a great journey and hopefully it will continue on and be somewhat of an inspiration to you to view my side of things, as well as for me in visiting your blogs. I'm not quite sure what is happening with our Canadian government, but I hope
they settle down and stop their internal bickering and get on with what is important,
our country and our people. As for our U.S. neighbours, changes are coming with a new leader and it will be interesting to see what his views are on things. I only hope that too much is not expected of him initially. Because there is no utopia, but
lots of hard work to overturn past events and seek a brighter tomorrow. To all of us, may the New Year be the seed for change and may we all carry the water bucket to
help it grow to something substantial. Happy New Year everyone.
P.S. Still waiting to hear when we will have to move out of our house for water repairs, so when that happens I will have to shut down my computer. I'll come by and
say adieu when that time comes.

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Jan said...

May we all look forward in positive anticipation for a better tomorrow on all fronts.....especially on your home front!!!