Saturday, 10 May 2008

Just being creative

I didn't have anything special lined up to do in my stamping, so I started stamping
images with my new stamp collection I bought called Heartwarming Vintage collection
by Clear Art They have several sets, I chose the bird one. So from it
I found these little flower borders. I spend so much time trying to find ways to
add to a card and sometimes a simple little card says it all. So I thought this design was perfect for little note cards. I used my copic markers to colour the flowers, added a contrasting band and there she be.

You can tell summer is coming, because the projects around the house are beginning to add up. We want to put in a patio, and some shelves around our fireplace and some new baseboards around the rooms. All in time of course. We are retired and
time isn't a factor as to when we start these jobs. I do wish the weather would
perk up on a steady basis though, so that we could go outside and work or just sit
and have a cup of tea and enjoy the fresh air.

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Tracy.H said...

Love these! I am hoping our weather here in Calgary starts to warm up soon...we need to get out and rake and trim up the bushes soon. My Lilacs are starting to well as the other trees and bushes in the backyard...yipee!!! I would love to sit and enjoy a cup of tea outside today...we will see. :0)