Thursday, 8 May 2008

40 year happy place.

Next weekend marks a milestone in my married life as DH and I celebrate our 40th anniversary. So to mark the occasion I chose an older professional photo of us,
taken about our 18th year mark. Who would have guessed that the years would fly by
so quickly. I decided to make a scrapbook page with it. I am pleased with the results. Only wish I had the years now, that show then. At least both of us would
have the legs under us. That's the one thing that both of us have in common. The
desire is there but the body can't keep up. This is not what I expected my grandparent days would be like, at least not so soon anyway. I don't think we will
do anything special right now. We want to go on holiday this summer so we are saving
some "gas" money for a trip somewhere. B.C. has a lot to offer in vacation spots so
it shouldn't be too hard to find something different and relaxing. And we can always
stay with one of two sisters living in the Cariboo, if we crave company.

1 comment:

Ila said...

What a fabulous layout....and I love the Anniversary card you made too...Fabulous!
Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Wow 40 yrs...Wonderful!!
Hubby and I will celebrate our 35th in August. Planning a little trip too..maybe down through the States a bit..not sure yet.
I love the way you used an older photo here (or should I say younger)...Great idea!!