Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Touch Base

Good evening everyone. In fact I am ready to say goodnight. It has been a long
day, spent at home, but housecleaning, at its best wears me out and my stamina isn't
what it used to be. So I am seeing doubles and triples and need to stumble to my bed. I'll probably find half the covers and sheets over on DH side of the bed. If
I don't turn down the bed at night, I am lucky to find any covers with enough substance to cover my not so small body. So a tug of ward ensues and I usually lose.
Even in sleep he fights to keep what he believes is his territory. I haven't spent a
lot of time at my card making over the past few days, but perahps tomorrow I will get
a chance to get something online. Til then have a good day to come.

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