Friday, 11 April 2008

So How is your Weekend building?

Still waiting for the arrival of my new camera to be able to post any work. Meanwhile, my weekend is building to a busy one. Later today my sister and her husband will be coming in from out of town to stay for a few days. They try to
get down here to the Coast every couple of months to visit our mother, who lives
in our house, so she gets a nice long visiting time with her. On Saturday afternoon, my dh and I will be going to a memorial service for his cousin who passed away last summer. But because he lived so far away, nobody could make it to his service. So the family is gathering as a memorial to him while his brother has come
to Vancouver to visit their dad.
Then, after that, I am taking my mum to an exhibit from World Vision, which my mother has been a sponsor to two children for years. They have built a replica village like the one in India and are showing the sponsors where their money goes and what they do for the children. Mum is quite excited about it. It opens to the
public after Saturday.
So we will see lots of people and be kept busy entertaining visitors. Which isn't
so hard, as she is my sister, and we keep it simple and stress free on visits. I am not the live in maid service, although I am the chef-in-house.
So what are you doing this weekend? Anything more exciting than this???!!!

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