Tuesday, 8 April 2008

I'm Up to my Ears in Doctors

Oh my goodness, what a day I've had. My husband was scheduled for a CT scan of
his chest and neck as part of an ongoing checkup for his muscle weakness. Another scan was to be done this coming Saturday but they managed to do it today as
well, so we spent over two hours at the hospital while he had both of these procedures done. I nodded off in my chair waiting for him and then he tells me we
have to go out to eat because he has to eat a large lunch to help rid his body of
the stuff they used for the scan. We rushed home to get my mother and she and I
went to our doctor. We waited an hour to see him, which is unusual for that amount of time. We found out the answer to that question. He had a student doctor with him, so she did blood pressures and asked questions. The end result after all
that, was that both of us are fine. But it isn't finished there, because there are
follow up appointments and other doctors to see, including dentists, podiatrists, the tax man and all in April too. This is an unbelieveable month. I will be so glad when it is all over with.
Oh, update to the camera thing. I ordered my new camera, but will have to wait about
10 days before I get it. I feel like I am missing a limb.
Anyway, it is late and I am tired from my full day, so I'm off. Til next time.

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