Friday, 22 February 2008


Hey anybody out there in Canada land, particularly on the West Coast. If you have been following GinaK Designs blogsite, you will know that she recently gave away a
sewing machine called the Janome Sew Mini. And it was won by a BC Islander. Way the go, Alli. But for those of us who didn't win and still want one of these little gems, my question to you, is, does anyone know of a distributor of these mini's here in Canada and even better in B.C.? I know they are selling for
$59.00 US but with the cost of duty etc. it probably wouldn't be worth the while to
order it in.
Haven't done any new cards today. Another busy caretaker day, so spare time is not
high on the list. But I am going to start some new things soon, so come back and
visit me. I can't believe I am up to 2500 hits already. I am very pleased with that. Have a nice night and I'll see what I can come up with over the weekend

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