Thursday, 21 February 2008

Good morning Sun

What a gorgeous day! We have actually had several days of sunshine here
on the westcoast and it is a sight for sore eyes. And it is wonderful to
have a dry day to take mum to the doctors. She moves so slowly, she gets
soaked in the rain and I get double duty, because I have to make sure she
strapped in etc. just like the little kids, while I get rained on. Busy
day ahead today. DH and I have early doctor appointments and we also have
our little GDtr with us too. We also pick up our new glasses today. I chose
a new rectangle style for me, with "embellishments" on the outside shoulders.
You only live once, so why not have a little bling in your life. LOL
Then later I take mum for another CT scan and a carotid doppler test. She
suffered a mini stroke on the weekend and had a fall, so I spent all early
Saturday morning at the hospital. She is fine now, but had to go on new meds
to help prevent any more of these temporary strokes, as they call them. Oh
the upshot is, I had to make another appointment on Saturday to take her in to
get a PERM !! because she was going to have to go on various appointments over
the next few weeks and she couldn't go out of the house looking as she does!!
That's my mum. Have a nice day everyone.


Tracy.H said...

Hope everything goes well with all the appointments.

Your mom sounds cute. ;0)

Alli Miles said...

Sounds like you are a busy lady! I commend you on your patience and willingness to help your mum. I will be caring for my grandmother in a few years and I am sure I have a lot of this to prepare for too. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for sending me a message. I hope you can find a Janome...let me know if you can because I know many of us have been searching and I would love to help others in our neck of the woods find one too.