Friday, 26 October 2007


While choosing my tagees I visited Juliann's blogsite,
Her link is in my blogging list.
You have to visit her blog and see her husband Matt's MAN-MADE CARD. video.
It will make your day. It is so funny and worth every minute to check it out.
Excellent work Matt.

I have to apologize to Juliann for a terrible mistake I made. Matt isn't
her husband after all. She explained that she had found this video and thought
it was priceless, so she uploaded it to her blogsite. Regardless of my error, it
is still worth going to her site and viewing it. And Juliann, I still love it.


Juliann said...

Hi Norma! Oh dear that isn't my husband on the video I just found that funny little jewel of a video online...I should have specified that in my post...sorry! Funny video though, huh! Have a wonderful weekend!

NormaJ said...

Well, how to feel like a nincompoop! I am sorry Juliann,for
that terrible mistake, but even still, isn't this the most hilarious piece you have ever seen.
Thanks for straightening me out here.

Nancy Grant said...

My husband and I watched this a few weeks back and wow... SO FUNNY!!