Saturday, 27 October 2007

Humour in Everything!

Today, we had our service for my MIL, on a beautiful sunny, warmish day for October.
I have to relate a funny story while at the reception after the service.
My sister in law asked me who this lady was at the food table. I didn't know but I
thought I will ask her later. By the time I had greeted all the tables down one side
of the room,and picked up my goodies and coffee, there was only one seat available.
It was at the table of this lady and some friends of mine. So I joined them in a very pleasant conversation. When I had my chance, I introduced myself to this lady,
and told her who I was, while shaking her hand in greeting. She returned the same
courtesy and told me her name and said she was a friend of the sister. I smiled
sweetly and thanked her for coming and then started a conversation with my friends.
During that exchange, she excused herself and walked out into the hallway. My
sister in law ran up to me and asked me again who she was. I told her the woman's
name and then proceeded to tell her that: apparently, she was a friend of hers!
We both looked at each other and burst out laughing. We had been crashed. But
although she took a plate of sandwiches and a sweet, I pointed out that she was at
least decent enough to bring her own coffee. A paper mug of Tim Horton's!

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Ila said...

Thanks for sharing this Norma. Got a real chuckle out of this.