Sunday, 30 September 2007

This is a vacation- egads

I have become the mother of three youngsters, all with different natures, all with different wants and needs. My world has been turned upside down by these furry felines. And I can.t escape if I want to. My younger sister also has two cats and
they have adopted me as well. I am a dog person people but this week I have had them all
draped around my neck like a cashmere scarf. They talk to me, they give me kisses.
They paw at me and they take up my limited lap space at every opportunity. I can.t even escape their pursuit in the privacy of the bathroom. They push the door open
and sit up on the bathtub edge in a row and stare at me. Egads, the audience is
unnerving. Last week I said, oh,boy, only days to go for vacation. This week I am saying, oh, boy, only eight more days until I go home. I hope I don.t offend all the cat owners and lovers out there, but as much as I appreciate their loving and
adoration, I am so looking forward to going home and seeing our family cocker spaniel once again. And believe me, she is the ultra Diva as well. Now she is a story on her own. So with that I bid you goodnight along with Salem, Muffy and Smokey. Who will not be going to bed. This is their wild time, using us and the bed as their playground, or their cuddle toys. Have a purring night. I know we will.

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Gina K. said...

I have my own little diva pomeranian so I now what you mean. But we love them, don't we?
Gina K.