Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Well, we got here after what seemed like hours of driving and were greeted by two
super shy cats. I know they are in the house, but they aren.t happy with strangers
in their territory. The third cat has adopted us. He is a lovely little guy and so
affectionate. So much so, that he kept us awake all night, sitting on our chests or
giving us kitty kisses and purring like a well oiled sewing machine in our ear. What
a switch this is. We are dog people, so this is an experience in itself.
You know it is pretty sad, when only a few years ago we would drive all day to get somewhere and now we have to take hourly stop breaks to move our seized up bones and work out the aches. Somehow, our dreams of driving across Canada have evaporated into wishful thinking and longing for the good old days, when energy and stamina were never an issue. My husband thought I would forget my computer and emails until we got home. I told him he was crazy. I got up this morning and had 15 emails to begin my day. Umm-m-m-m! I think I had better keep up or I might just explode my
compter. But I am lucky to be able to use my sisters computer while she is away.
My plans for my first day of vacation. Absolutely nothing! I.m dancing, yah!

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Helen & Co. said...

Hi! Thanks for your lovely message, and I hope you are having a great holiday! I love hopping from blog to blog and coming across people from all over the world (especially when we all share an interest in making cards!)
Helen x