Thursday, 21 May 2015

Anniversary Weekend

Oh my goodness, I certainly have not kept up with my blog for months now.  I have no excuses for it.  I just didn't carry on with it, is all.  But here we are again, just three days past another anniversary for us.  This one makes 47 years since our wedding day.  Lots of living done in between.  Some of it was the normal, mundane type of things that repeat themselves over and over again.  And then there are bright spots of excitement that keep you going and wondering when the next one will come along.  But here is a photo of us now.  Not too bad I guess for Seniors.  Silver hair, receding hairlines, expanding waistlines seem to be our niche in life.  Made by our own hands and in some cases, lack of willpower, but like a reunion we had of cousins this past weekend, who cares.  We still had the same inner feelings and thoughts and sparks of our youth and all that shone through our outer selves.

Pictures on the side of my blog show us on our anniversary cruises to Alaska.  These were taken on our 34th and 42nd anniversaries

This time our cruising was to Vancouver Island, which only takes less than two hours from the mainland.  The trip is just as enjoyable, and we had the comfort of a buffet dining room experience for the crossing.

These photos are taken at a rental vacation house that my cousins had rented during their visit.  We had a family reunion of cousins which was a blast.  Some of the cousins had never met before and others had been so young, they just didn't remember each other at all, except from photos.  It was so enjoyable and something I don't think will be repeated by some members, as distance and age now enter into the equation.
But awkwardness was not a word that entered our time together over the weekend.  Now that's an anniversary to remember, even if we both forgot the actual day until 6 pm that evening.  We had a good laugh over that.  I guess what they say is true.  Those special days are just that, but they don't have to have the hoopla made of them when love still abounds.

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