Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lacking in my posts...

I have to apologize to those of you who continue to follow my blogsite. I have not been a good blogger this winter and have let it slide away. Perhaps because winter is a slow season for me and truly, I have nothing to write about. But some of you still follow me.I have not been as active in my creativity endeavours and I think I have fallen into a winter type crevasse. But summer is coming upon us, so I am slowly digging my way to the surface. Be patient with me and I'll work on some things to post, so that your time isn't wasted ducking into my blog and finding it blank. In a few days we will be celebrating our 46th Anniversary. It doesn't seem possible. I can remember those early days so well. How your life changes with the ages. We aren't as subtle and young in our bodies anymore. Aches and pains are things we never experienced, but in the aging process, we have moved on to a new adventure. One which I would prefer not to have. Believe me, it isn't enjoyment. But it's there. You reflect on your abilities now and accept what is not. Happy Anniversary Honey - 4 more years to our 50th. Wow.

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