Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Dog's Life....

Little Sister - loved by all. A Princess in the making - a diva for sure. She has two beds to sleep in. One upstairs in her family's house, and one downstairs in her Nana's house. Oh, and did I mention her favourite spot on a people's bed that faces a window. From there she can view her outside domain and watch the kids going to school. Or the walkers with their special friends on a leash. Or her favourite human of all in that outside world - the mail man. She lets him walk by the window, drop the mail in the box, walk down the path past her window, and then she becomes a living "Cujo". Snarling, and snapping and barking full bore - but her tail is wagging during her violent, and agressive, mean display of the terrifying watch dog. Once he is gone, she lays down again and emits gruntled woofs to let you know she is on the job. If you witnessed this display, you would never want to be in the same room as she. But see her with kids, and she is the ultimate mother hen. Squeaking, and herding them around her. Licking them to death until you tell her enough. She is a cuddler and constantly wants your attention. She is happy to see you again when you have to leave her home. You would think she hadn't seen you for days. And then she settles beside you in the evening, content in herself and life itself, falling into a deep sleep until her snoring becomes overpowering and you give her a poke and say roll over. But through all this, you love her as one of your own and she loves back, unconditionally.

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