Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Abstract Thinking

Well, it seems I have been absent for some time.  But I have been busy, with swaps and creating and plain old housework.  My craft room is messy and shows the sign of needing a housekeeper.  Here is one of the cards I was working on.  It was my last one of a set and my mind went blank, so I began to doodle and play with paper and this is what came out of it.  I call it Abstract Thinking, because my mind was all over the place and could not settle in any one direction.  I got the layout of the circles but didn't like the spaces in between, so out came my pen and a few lines and squiggles later and I am actually quite happy with it.  I hope my swap partner likes it too.

Summer is hanging on in all its splendor.  Warm days ahead this week leading us hopefully into an Indian Summer through to October.

Here is another in the set.  A colour variation of blue, purple and   green.  I found this background paper and the bubbles brought me to the sea.  A mermaid called to me and the vision was born.

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