Monday, 15 April 2013

Cabin Fever Relief

Time does fly, doesn't it?  And I keep getting older.  But I still keep on crafting.  When the better part of your retired life is centered around the home, it can get boring.  It's like having cabin fever in the middle of a snow storm.  So I join the occasional swap and exchange cards with other members of the group.  This time I have to make 2 different cards with a new size to them.  3 x 3 inches.  What a fun size to work with.  I have completed one set of five titled Soldiers.  With my card I am depicting a Canadian soldier during WWII.  The poppy background is for remembrance of the time and of those who never made it home.  The maple leaf, of course, signifies the country.  The back of the card also had to be finished, so I found this picture of Ortono, Italy and the battle that ensued between the Canadian army and the German forces.  It was a brutal battle with many casualties.  It was here that my father's regiment found themselves.  He said it was brutal and one of the most devastating combats he encountered.  The town was destroyed in the process and was fought one house at a time.  ---Now my second card isn't complete yet, but I will post it here when it is.  Keep watching.

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