Friday, 8 February 2013


Memories.....How one picture can bring back a box full of life's events.
This one was taken many years ago, but when we still had our dad and mum was a funny and integral part of our family structure.  We have all moved on since that particular day.  Still married to our current husbands, our children grown and having families of their own.  Which makes my sisters and I, grandmothers.  And my mother a great-great grandmother.  She will be 91 this summer, and the youngest of the clan is only 9 months old.  There is a lot of history in those years.

In this picture, we are all gathered at a campground where my parents had a trailer permantly parked and they would drive up for the summer and stay there.  We would visit on weekends for the day and we would have a bar-b-que and the kids could swim in the pool.  Down in an open field that everyone would use for ballgames with their families and take their dogs for a run, is where my parents cocker spaniel would love to run.  She became famous for her ability to sniff out golf balls that went astray from the next door facility.  By the end of summer she would have two buckets full of lost balls, that dad could practice with, when he golfed at the course.  They were up there all summer, so mum was able to plant a flower garden and potted flowers.  They had a little fence all around the trailer, so the dog could go outside and not get away.  She had lots of friends, but not little black dogs.  She did not like them at all.  She would bark herself silly, until they took her inside to curb her noise.  Strangely enough our little dog we have now has the same funny quirk.  She does not like black dogs.  BUT she herself is a black dog.  Hope she never sees herself in a mirror.  LOL.
     I haven't been too crafty lately.  Or I should say that I am in a swap, but only two.  I used to join many others, but time and life interfere, so it has been cut back to more manageable craft time.  This past year has worn me down, so my energy level isn't as flexible as it was.  But getting on my blog and doing those things that I enjoy keep me grounded.  Winter has not been hard on us at all.  No snow and the temperatures have been moderate and mostly comfortable.  I see evidence of crocus popping through the soil, so spring is not far away.  And with that, I will get back to a few more household chores and then some more card making to end my daylight hours.  Be back soon.

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