Wednesday, 13 February 2013


When we moved into our new house, the people before us used this room as an office and this slogan was was printed on one wall.  The first thing my husband said was: Well, that will be painted over fast.  Oh no you don't, I replied.  I love the saying and it will stay.  So I bookended it with two butterfly prints and it remains there today in my guest/crafting room.  My craft center is located in a double closet with a work table mounted inside and shelf units running the length of the closet.  So I can store everything away out of sight and keep the room tidy.  The duck is a Canadian loon  and was made for my husband by his uncle.  It is a savings bank for loonies.  Never used as a bank however, as you would have to destroy it to get the money out.  And for those not familiar with the loonie, it is the equivalent to one dollar in value.  Our toonie has a value of two dollars.  Just a little fun photo and a fun fact on our Loon.

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