Saturday, 1 September 2012


September rolls in and for some it will be the last weekend hurrah of the summer season.  For the kids, it means school is just around the corner.  For parents it is the hectic last minute rush to be ready.  And for the grandparents who looked after their prodigy, while mum and dad worked the summer away, the time to relax in tranquility.
Look at this picture.  There is no traffic, no loud noises, just the gurgling of the water, a few bird trills in the trees and cranial rest.  Sitting by the water, sipping your favourite beverage and just listening.  That's utopia.  I've had the privilege of sitting within the
scope of this scene.  Beautiful,with a feeling of being one with nature.  So cliche but truth runs with every word.  Calming, soothing.....tranquility.

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